Seven Online Resources for the Christian Artist


I believe strongly in the value of the artists in this world. I believe that when someone who was made to strive to create beauty in the world is, as Brennan Manning said, “ambushed by Jesus,” the art that results bears a God-given power that draws men to Christ. I have encountered that power in the sub-creations of Christ-followers countless times. (I’ve also encountered it in the works of those who haven’t yet succumbed to the source of their gifting.) Those works of art have helped me to better understand the Bible and its author, they have given me the tools with which to worship, to serve, to revel in the greatness of the Maker.

Andrew Peterson


7 websites to educate, inspire and challenge the Christ-led artist

The Rabbit Room

The Rabbit Room is an experiment in community founded by Andrew Peterson.  The project started as a blog with contributing authors, pastors, musicians and artists but has grown to include a podcast, publishing group, store, gatherings, and a yearly conference in Nashville, TN. The website features interviews with Christian musicians and artists, online forums, insightful articles, movie reviews, poetry  and so much more. It’s an incredibly rich resource full of raw and honest Christ-like creativity.

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In the summer of 2010, a group of students in the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts (ITIA) started discussing how they might bring the conversation of theology and the arts to a broader audience, one beyond the academy. The result was Transpositions, a website that takes its name from an essay by C.S. Lewis.

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Christians in the Visual Arts

Founded in 1979, the organization’s longstanding vision is to help artists, collectors, critics, professors, historians, pastors and arts professionals explore the profound relationship between art and faith. With this as a point of beginning, CIVA’s broad range of conferences, exhibits, programs, and publications exists to help the art and faith movement flourish both in the Church and in culture.

I don’t enjoy spending a lot of time browsing on this website like I do on some of the others on this list, but it’s an undeniable resource – especially if you are a professional artist.  There is a blog, featured artists, job listings, events etc. You can become a member for a monthly fee.

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Since its beginning in 2008, The Curator has sought to celebrate cultural artifacts and inspire its readers to engage deeply with–and ultimately create–culture which enriches life and broadens experience.  Our hope is to be a place of conversation through an amalgamation of artifacts, quotes, image galleries, long form essays, videos, and other media as an expression of the human heart.

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Faith and Leadership

This links to a resource page found on the Faith and Leadership website.  The links are to interviews, videos and articles published on the website relevant to Theology and the Arts.  Here you can find insight from a wide range of artists, musicians, writers and theologians.

A personal note:  I have spent countless hours with this collection of essays, interviews and videos; and I’m far from done with it.  If you care about how the mission of the church can be furthered by the arts, how God calls us to be artists, or why we should engage in the act of making then take some time browsing this collection.  You can go read my two favorites by here and here.

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Image is a quarterly print journal that started almost 30 years ago.  A lot of the content from the printed publication is available on their website as well as a blog updated daily by a team of writers.  In addition to the tremendous amount of written essays on Image, there is also a community forum hosted by Image called Arts and Faith.

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Spark + Echo

Spark+Echo Arts is the coming together of thousands of patrons and artists from around the world to illuminate every verse of the Bible through the arts. Patrons are given “sparks” to vote on which verses are illuminated next, suggest artists, and encourage works in progress. Artists apply or are invited by our team of curators. Selected artists chose a passage, respond freely, and their new work is premiered on, a unique platform that elegantly weaves stunning art with Scripture.

Explore the Bible to see how far they’ve come.  They have a goal to complete the project by 2030.


What online resources do you love?  Comment and share any links for  your favorite websites where faith in Jesus intersects with the act of making.