Are any of you mamas feeling the tension of unfulfilled ambitions or unrelenting ideas?

These days my brain is going a million miles a minute (well, I’m not sure that speed is abnormal for me). I can’t stop thinking about creative ideas, personal goals, business plans, and daily to-do lists.

I have seemingly competing desires within my deeply rooted passions. I am loving stay at home mom life right now. I don’t have a job while I support my husbands journey through the Tucson fire academy, and I actually love being a full time mom and housewife. Laundry is done, dishes stay mostly caught up, and naptimes are actually time to rest and catch up. But even while I love the flexibility and focus of my current day to day responsibilities, I am full of an intense impatience as I dream of going back to school, starting a pottery business, or becoming a graphic designer. Or maybe an interior designer.  Or go into marketing?  Maybe I should learn to actually write.

And as for this blog.  It too, could go a million different directions in my head.  Should I make it a daily journal of my own thoughts?  Should it focus on mother interviews? Collaborations? What kind of arts?  Or should it just be an amalgamation of all of my ideas in one place?  Because ideas turn into realities only through action, my brain often is not capable of processing all of my dreams because I don’t take action.  Not that I don’t want to or choose not to.  But I have 3 billion ideas and it’s impossible to give any of them their due all while meal prepping, cleaning, making dinner, spending time with my baby, making friends, cleaning the house, supporting my husband, attempting to prioritize time with Jesus, church, community groups, moms class… get the idea.  Actually you probably know exactly what I’m saying.

My husband and I were watching The World’s Most Extraordinary Houses on Netflix (one of my favorite things to watch along with the Great British Baking Show and The Office).  The hosts, Piers and Caroline discuss the difficulties and tensions of architecture a lot.  It got me to thinking about the absolutely VITAL role of limitations in the creative process. A million ideas must boil down into one product somehow.  You wouldn’t put a house on stilts on the side of a mountain or make a partially underground home on a beach.

Our job as creative image bearers is to recognize the limitations God has put in our lives and allow those to be catalysts towards creating a thing.  Creativity is what God placed in our hearts but we must actually create something to act on it.

So yes, this is just my rambling thoughts – sort of a first draft on creative tensions, but it’s important for me to just keep taking action steps. No matter how small or imperfect.

What action steps are you going to take this week?