This is the first installment of a weekly Creative Faith Challenge.  The Creative Faith Challenge is something I am doing to challenge myself and I would love for you to give it a try and let me know how it goes!  If you’d like to know more about what’s in store for the future of Create(d) Motherhood, go read this blog post!

This week, your challenge is to take a look at some of your fear and what God has to say about it:

  1. Make a list of the things that you fear, big and small.  Spiders?  Feeling stuck or lonely? Anything that comes to mind.
  2. Circle two or three that stand out to you on the list – the ones that make you the most uncomfortable to admit to yourself.
  3. Use a pencil to make a visual representation of those circled fears.  Take a little time on these, make them meaningful.
  4. Go to your Bible and look up a few of the hundreds of verses where God says not to fear. And also look up some of the promises God has made to give you hope and confidence in God over any of your fears.
  5. Use a pen or marker and write those verses over your drawn fears.
  6. Put those cards somewhere where you can be reminded that God knows your heart, he cares about every tiny aspect of your life.  He wants you to live fully in faith.

I can’t promise that this little exercise will increase your faith, but I can promise you that time spent covering your fears in the Word of God will!

My own fears are varied and run deep.  Fear of failure has been hugely defining in my life.  I am learning to face that one more and more since becoming a mother – well, I guess I’m learning because failing is just part of this motherhood thing.  I set such lofty expectations on myself that I see myself as a failure so often.  Like when my daughter watches Trolls for the hundredth time after I swore I’d be a screen free mom! I’m thankful that God uses motherhood to shape and trim my own soul.  His grace is so much bigger than my failures.

Dangerous wildlife are at the top of my list currently. Since moving to the wild west desert of southern Arizona, I seem to develop a new fear every week.  This prickly, sharp landscape is absolutely gorgeous to drive by but living in it has been quite an adjustment.  Scorpions, Javelina, Tarantulas, Coyotes, Cactus, 115 degree heat….and that’s all just out my front door! Just a couple weeks ago we were walking in a pretty little local park when I had to run toward a terrifyingly huge rattlesnake in order to scoop my daughter to safety.  That’s not a memory that will fade anytime soon.

Drawing is a powerful tool for memory, imagination, and the study of a subject.  I believe that when we mix faith and art, both are enhanced.

So excuse me while I go draw a rattlesnake

June 1, 2018